Matt Stentiford

Developer of tools, applications and interactive experiences.

From an early age I have had a passion for games, especially game development. Starting with simple games and game modding in high school during the late 90s, I soon progressed to writing my own engines in C++ and OpenGL.

In my final year of University I was fortunate to group up with a talented team of other students to develop a small game called Dust. This sci-fi, car racing, alien shooting, adventure game ended up winning first place in the Nullabor game development competition in 2007, and landed me my first full time position at Interzone Games.

These days my focus is on utilizing engines such as Unity, which allow rapid development and ease of code and asset re-use.

I have worked professionally with teams of all sizes, from small teams of two or three, to international studios of 50+ developers spread over multiple continents.

I have taken on many roles, including tools development, application design, UI and UX, working as a technical artist, shader development, game and application programming, web development, and more.

My passion is in creating interactive experiences allowing people to feel a sense of wonder and enjoyment.