Below is a sample of some of the games and game related projects I have developed over the years, a couple of which are still in development.

If you are interested in seeing my experience developing Installations, interactive applications AR, projection mapping and other contract work then feel free to refer to my Portfolio page.

Crafters Guide to Minecraft Earth

A companion app to Minecraft Earth, created as a solo developer, providing a wealth of information about items, recipes, buildplates and Adventures you will find in the game.

Untitled Factory Game

A game about building factories, establishing assembly lines, and creating the best, most elaborate manufacturing processes you can dream up. Currently under development as a solo project.

Intergalactic Express

A mobile game about establishing intergalactic trade routes, defeating space pirates and taking over galaxies!

League Replays

A tool for recording and viewing League of Legends replays.

First released in 2011, more than 5 years before Riots own replay system, this was the only way to record and replay matches for League of Legends at the time, and was used to record millions of replays up until an official replay system was available.

Bounce House

Developed for iOS and android by myself and my good friend and talented artist Simon Boxer, Bounce house was a free-to-play casual mobile game with a huge range of unlockable characters and endless amounts of bouncing and explosions.

Interzone Futebol

From 2007-2010 I worked as a senior programmer at Interzone Games, developing Interzone Futebol, a MMO football game.

  • Game programming (C++ and Python)
  • Tool programming
  • Shader programming (HLSL)
  • Engine optimisation
  • Game prototyping
  • Team leadership (as a scrum master).
  • Technical Artistry

Adrenaline Snowboarding

Developed in 2009-2010 Adrenaline Snowboarding was the first project I worked on that made use of Unity 3D, and was released exclusively on iOS.